Managing Recruitment Risk Has Never Been Easier

Valuando Risk Profile (VRP) is a cost-effective, fast and reliable instrument to measure recruitment risks.

It is powered by the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), whose accuracy has been proven in numerous clinical studies around the world.


VRP meets the criteria of reliability and validity and is based on value theory.


Completing the test usually takes no more than 15 minutes. Results are available instantly.


You retain full control over who can access personal data and results.

Outstanding Support

Our team of human resources specialists help with interpreting results and tailoring solutions to your needs.

Unrivalled Quality Standards


Respondents are not asked to describe themselves. Instead, VRP has them perform a task and analyses their decision-making pattern. The scorer has no influence on the score results. The test cannot be biased. Unlike most other assessments, there is no indication in the items that allows someone to influence the score. VRP merely picks up the pattern of thinking the person is actually using. Attempts to manipulate the profile usually result in less favourable scores.


There is no difference in scores between races, genders, and age levels. The same bell curves are usually found with each group. VRP measures what is centrally relevant to an organisation’s performance: a person’s thinking and decision making process. VRP makes no assumptions about a person based on information they give about themselves. It measures simply, directly, & accurately, the pattern of that person’s thinking process.


VRP does not invade the candidates’ privacy. Respondent are not asked any questions about themselves other than how they would rank sets of items. There is no reference to their childhood, their personal behaviour or their private lives.

VRP in the Consulting Industry

The consulting industry is particularly vulnerable to recruitment risk. Hiring a single non-performing consultant can be extremely costly. Without intervention on your part, the client may reject the report, ask it to be redone, refuse payment, request an expensive replacement, suspend the project, or claim compensation. Team motivation may drop. Good people may leave. Your reputation may suffer.

Your mitigation efforts have a price, which needs to be factored into your project budgets. But unless you can pin down the risk of non-performance, your cost estimates will likely be inaccurate. Overrating the risk will make your proposals less competitive. Underestimating it will lose you money. Using VRP will help you to dramatically improve your risk estimates and identify the most appropriate responses.

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