Do you believe in people?

Ana J. Zagorac

Believing in people is like building a house on sand, an old saying reminds us that no man is completely reliable.

We cannot judge people's behavior with certainty: neither our loved ones, nor colleagues and associates.

"I had a number of negative experiences with co-workers, although at first glance they were often sophisticated, competent, even witty and stable, later it turned out that they avoided obligations, tried to transfer obligations to other employees, many of them liked more gossip than work and were just thinking about how to increase the salary or fee with as little work as possible. IHowever, I want to find a way to get at least a little more certainty how the team will work with less stress , how to engage co-workers". This was told to me by the director of a well-known French consulting company, but I was told something similar by other managers around the world.

That’s one of the reasons we developed Valuando.

The value system of the individual is the deepest anchored ethical basis that man adheres to. The value system influences the emotions and behavior even more then believes. When we know which values ​​are most important to a person, his behavior becomes clearer and more predictable.

When a person lives in conflict with his values, then he has serious subjective difficulties: This will be expressed in his work and relationships with people, and can seriously affect his health in the long run.

If the values ​​of our associates are compatible with the values ​​of the organization or company, if our associates manage to work in accordance with their values, then the whole organization or company will act more efficiently.

Valuando helps us get to know better our associates and potential collaborators better, even at a stage when we are not sure which candidate to hire.

Valuando is a set of management methods and management tools that help you do business with more certainty and build a well-coordinated team. Just tray it.